How to Automate Daily DevOps Database Tasks with Chef

As a result, controlling and managing infrastructure becomes strenuous. Terraform stands out in infrastructure management and matches with the API as expected. Chef automation is effortless compared to traditionally manual processes. Using Chef, you can automate, manage and scale cloud infrastructure without interruptions or unnecessary downtime. Cross-platform interoperability is a feature of both Chef and Terraform. DevOps developers deliver software to the cloud more quickly, and there is no need to create unique software for every cloud provider.

To use an analogy, using Puppet is like writing configuration files whereas using Chef is like programming the control of your nodes. If you or your team have more experience with system administration, you may prefer Puppet. On the other hand, if most of you are developers, Chef might be a better fit.

What is Puppet ? – Configuration Management Using Puppet

Being a DevOps tool it helps in streamlining the configuration task and managing the company’s server. Chef is a configuration management technology used to automate the infrastructure provisioning. It is used to streamline the task of configuration chef devops certification and managing the company’s server. It has the capability to get integrated with any of the cloud technology. When you seek infrastructure automation, you can expect to get a central place for managing all networks, systems, and devices.

chef for devops

A chef is an open-source configuration management tool that uses Ruby to develop essential building blocks like recipes and cookbooks. This feature enables Chef to manage and configure multiple systems with ease. Progress Chef is an open-source configuration management tool that facilitates the automation of DevOps processes and tasks across multiple servers. If you know your way around this Chef, all that is required is just a few clicks to automate and manage the software across multiple devices within your organization.

Course content of Chef

As previously mentioned, training, courses, and certifications are available as well. There are dedicated solutions for testing Chef such as Test Kitchen, whereas Puppet uses more standard tools (such as RSpec and Cucumber). What is not so straightforward is the proper use of these tools.

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