Leadership Development: 4 Steps for Getting Started

Different stories must be told, fresh examples used, sticky phrases and ideas framed in a new way. Marshall points to Seth Godin as a thought leader in the Mastery stage. Incidentally, Marshall identified Jeff Goins as being in this stage. Just having released his fifth book, Goins resonated with Marshall’s description of this stage as well as its challenges. At this point, the thought leader has had a significant amount of success.

I also found myself becoming a trusted confidant for all sorts of professional and personal matters that my direct reports were going through. See how 1000+ HR leaders globally use Empuls to build highly engaged and high performing teams. There are several examples of leaders at this level in business, who have a great influence on their industry and the wider business world, people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jack Welch. My current favorite leader in this space in Marcelo Bielsa is my football team Leeds United; he is one of the leading experts in football. His expertise is widely appreciated, but what makes him a great leader is that his use of that knowledge improves all of his players.

Stage 5: Continue Learning And Innovating

For more in-depth teaching on The 5 Levels of Leadership, read my 2011 book on the subject. Or learn from one of my expert facilitators at a workshop in your area. And when you do, if you have not taken the Core Value Index, you will get a copy of the CVI. I will go through it with you and you’ll learn things about yourself and the results will push you to work on the tasks that are in your zone of genius.

Crafting Leaders: The finishing touches – People Matters

Crafting Leaders: The finishing touches.

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The Achiever stage leader tends not to disrupt existing organisational norms or to create significant innovation. For some of you, you might have to rewind a little bit, or maybe you are in it right now. The doer does the planning, content creating, sales, marketing, finance, and customer service, okay, you get the point.


The best way to gather true believers is to build a quality, substantive message. Once these three criteria have been met, the thought leader is reading to move on Stage 2. Armed with this distinction, the thought leader must accept or reject the call.

  • You recognize that your team is new, and want them to feel supported, motivated and psychologically safe.
  • Perhaps you bring in a vendor who helps you with the QuickBooks, or a part-time person who starts to do admin work for you.
  • Being the hero fills one of our most basic needs, that of being appreciated, and it helps us build great self-esteem.
  • Their ministry will be an extension of these for the rest of their life.
  • It is a prime place for you to begin investing in your growth and potential as a leader.
  • Having said that, there are five fundamental stages that all leaders will travel through.

Leaders need an ability to view the organization strategically, holistically and to develop long-term solutions that solve current challenges. The bottom line is that Leadership Competency is the “stuff” that determines if someone will succeed or fail in a leadership capacity. And, by extension, so to the work groups, teams, departments, divisions, or companies they are responsible for leading, managing, and ensuring the highest levels of productivity and engagement. Her focus at Magenta Roads is inspiring, developing, & supporting emerging talent to expand their impact and accelerate the advancement of their careers. She is passionate about helping early in people’s careers so that they are well-positioned to successfully achieve their personal and executive potential.

#Blue Ocean #Strategy vs. Playing to #Win: Strategic Approaches to Business Success

Leadership is about growth – for yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people. To lead well, you must embrace your need for continual improvement, and the 5 Levels provide a leadership GPS to help you with your journey. So to grow at the people development level, you need to make investing in leaders a priority, and take intentional steps every day to help them grow. Do that consistently, for long enough, and you may begin to reap the rewards of the next level. The best leaders know how to motivate their people to GTD – get things done!

It’s never about you, but about the others you are responsible for. Individual Contributor — At this stage you build https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ credibility and develop a network. It’s important to realize that ultimately, you and your network are one.

Reverse Engineering Your Goals

Irrespective of your current role, be the example you want to see, support people, show them respect and give them positive feedback. Learn to identify the essential qualities of a godly leader from these biblical figures. At this point, you recognize that your team has grown significantly and is capable of achieving big things together. You recognize this isn’t any one team member’s fault, but you want to make it right. The last thing you want to experience is team members who de-value one another or collectively fall behind.

4 stages of leadership

So much so that they now have more incoming request than outgoing pitches. Delivering the message will enable the thought leader to do two things. They must know with whom their message resonates and to whom they are sent. My purpose in this article is not to once-and-for-all define what a thought leader is (or even to prove if such a thing actually exists). Patience is key, but it is usually in short supply with boards and shareholders, but for long-term benefits and success to be sustainable within an organization, it’s mandatory.

Level Three Leader: The Results Generator

They are comfortable saying “no” to different ministry opportunities because they recognize that they don’t have to do everything well but only that which God has called them to do. In many cases they have moved from a generalist to a specialist – a person who is operating from their giftedness and values. If they have the opportunity, they gather around themselves a team of people whose strengths complement their strengths. In this phase a leader needs to be gaining knowledge, skills and ministry experience. They need to become an expert in the basic skills of campus ministry – evangelism, basic follow-up, leading a small group and personal Bible study.

4 stages of leadership

As hard as the thought leader might work in refining the message during Incubation, once exposed to the public, holes will emerge. Through interaction with people, the thought leader deduces what works and what doesn’t. Now that the message has been honed and the audience clearly identified, the thought leader is ready to go public and start testing the message. You’ll need to be open to being vulnerable, open to sharing your heart, and showing people you really care if you are going to gain the trust of the people in your organization and be able to successfully influence. Can you remember when you were first aware of your natural leadership instinct?

Level 4 Leader: The Creator of Leaders

In fact, if you choose to look ahead at some of the characteristics of later stages and start practicing those now, you can certainly fast-track your progression. Some of my most rewarding leadership experiences 4 stages of leadership were during this empowerment phase of my leadership journey. There will be moments when you let go and allow things to unfold, and you won’t feel 100% certain that everything will end up as you hope.

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