Videoconferencing for Board Meetings

Videoconferencing has replaced face to face meetings in almost every business sphere, including board meetings. As technology continues to advance and we adapt to new demands, certain things must remain constant to ensure that board meetings conducted via videoconferencing are effective.

It can be tempting to be less professional during a videoconference in a world that seems to be changing rapidly. However, this isn’t a time to cut corners. Video conferencing is no different from traditional meetings in terms of protocol. It is imperative that all participants are aware of the effects their behavior could have on others.

The first step is to select a video conference software system that has the features needed for successful remote meetings. A reliable platform will allow all participants to join the meeting with ease and will offer the appropriate amount of security. It will also have tools to monitor the meeting before, during and after it, making the process smooth.

Participants should remember to muffle their microphones when they are not speaking to minimize distractions. Also, they should avoid wearing distracting patterns or colors and ensure that the lighting of the room appropriate for a videoconference, to avoid glare and unflattering angles on camera. It is also essential that all participants take the time to set a clear agenda before the meeting begins to ensure that the conference is on the right track and that the most pertinent issues are discussed.

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