Antivirus Solutions – What to Look For in a Security Suite

Antivirus products offer protection from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and spam attacks, spyware and more. They also safeguard devices from data breaches, identity theft and online fraud. The most effective antivirus software suites offer extra safety features such as the use of a VPN or password manager as well as parental controls. The suites are accessible for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Most antivirus software uses a method called signature-based detection, which stores an extensive database of code snippets that represent known malware. During scanning, antivirus programs look for signatures of malware and notify users when they are found. But hackers are constantly creating new viruses, with variations that can defy traditional antivirus signatures. This is referred to as polymorphic malware and it’s created to evade signature-based detection techniques. To counter this, certain antivirus programs employ cloud-based detection methods that leverage global intelligence to identify and stop new threats.

A behavior-based solution is another option to look for. This is a more advanced method that is able to monitor the device’s behavior and looks for suspicious patterns. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with signature- or heuristics-based detection. It can also be used to identify zero-day attacks, which are new threats that aren’t being catalogued yet.

Businesses can also pick antivirus products that can be scalable to meet their needs. Some are designed to operate as a full security suite, providing additional tools such as firewalls, intrusion-detection systems and multifactor authentication. Managed services providers can aid entrepreneurs who do not have the technical expertise needed to establish and maintain these cybersecurity systems.

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