Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

Since online shoppers are now overwhelmed with choices, it becomes increasingly important to make the shopping experience as effortless and seamless as is possible. Customers who have a difficult and confusing shopping experience could abandon their carts and write negative reviews that will convince others to steer clear of the store.

These design mistakes can have serious consequences on your sales. Fortunately, a majority of them can be easily avoided with a bit of careful planning.

Images of low-quality

Everyone doesn’t want to purchase a product that isn’t presented in the best light. It is crucial to use high-quality photos on your ecommerce website. Poor quality images will not only drive away customers, but can also harm the reputation of your brand.

Not offering a Guest Check-out Option

Not providing a guest checkout option is another common error that could deter potential buyers from making purchases on your website. Many customers are uncomfortable when asked to sign up for an account, particularly when they must enter their personal information like their email address. Instead, you should allow users to sign up via their social media accounts to speed up the process and lessen their privacy concerns.

Another common error in e-commerce is a cluttered and messy menu structure. It is essential to plan out the design of each page on your website so that navigation is intuitive and easy. Make sure that each page is organized according to the type of content that it holds and makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

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