Technology Trends to Watch

Technology is always evolving. Certain trends are slowed down while others gain traction when major brands invest in them or industries incorporate them into their processes. The speed of change is breathtaking and it is essential that companies stay on top of the latest tech trends to benefit from them and not fall behind.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most widely used technological developments. It is being used in a variety of business applications, such as speech and image recognition as well as smart assistants, navigation apps, and automation. This trend is likely to see more uptake in the future as hardware and programming improvements allow it to be more easily accessible and affordable to implement.

Blockchains and distributed ledgers are the latest big technological trend. This extremely secure method for keeping and authenticating data can revolutionize a wide range of business processes. For instance, it is being embraced by the healthcare sector for its ability to facilitate secure transactions.

Biotechnology is the second field that is in the midst of disruption. AI, automation, and DNA sequencing are causing this revolution. Gene-therapies, hyperpersonalized medical treatments and genetically-based guidance on exercise and food are all possible. Companies need to assess their bQ or biological quotient and decide if they need to integrate these new technologies into their existing R&D or collaborate with start-ups based on science.

Drones and unmanned air vehicles (UAV) is another trend to be aware of. These devices allow companies to gather data and information in remote or difficult to access locations and reduce downtime and cost.

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