Antivirus and VPN Software Bundled

While antivirus and vpn software both serve to protect our devices and online data, they approach the task from different angles. A security program like antivirus guards you against fraudsters, phishing scams, viruses, Trojans, spyware, Trojans and other malware. A vpn, however, is able to encrypt all traffic on the internet, and sends it through an encrypted tunnel, so that prying eyes cannot see your internet browsing or other online activities.

Many cybersecurity companies offer a mixture of a security program and a VPN service as one complete package. These solutions that are all-in-one are typically more cost-effective and convenient than standalone solutions. However, it is important to be aware that the majority of antivirus-VPN services tend to be on the antivirus aspect of the equation. This means they provide a limited number of VPN features, few servers and a data cap that can severely limit your freedom online.

We’ve collected a selection of the most popular bundles on the market to help you find the best vpn and anti-virus software for your requirements. We’ve included both paid and free alternatives and basic and premium plans to meet your budget. We’ve also taken into account whether or not a particular product supports multiple operating systems, as well as whether it comes with advanced features such as a kill switch automated connect, split tunneling and other features that will make your online experience safer.

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