Avast Premier Rating

Avast is among the biggest cybersecurity companies worldwide. It offers a free antivirus program that’s extremely popular, as are premium options for those looking for more security. The security suites it offers are usually highly rated in tests. However the company’s logging of data and privacy policies may cause some to hesitate.

Avast Premier has a straightforward interface and a wide range of features, including password management tools and other tools for family security. It also helps you keep track of all the programs installed on your PC. This is important as some of these apps can be bloatware, which can slow your system. The suite may also cleanse your PC and optimize it, enhancing its performance.

Its antiphishing software is top-of-the-line. It can detect websites that might be phishing, without the necessity of browser extensions. This is something isn’t present in all security suites. Its smart scanner can identify the less-rated extensions you shouldn’t use and suggest removing.

Avast’s February 2022 Real World Protection Test scored six out six points in terms of protection and performance. This puts it in the same league as the top products available. It also protected against all zero-day malware exposures during the test and threw up only one false positive.

While Avast Premier performs well in most tests, it’s not as effective as many of the most effective programs in stopping targeted attacks. Additionally, its performance could be affected by running a variety of other security software at the same time. It’s also costly when compared with its competitors as the current price of $70 for a single device coverage year being more than Norton or McAfee.

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