How to Effectively Manage a Board Meeting

Board meeting management covers the entire cycle before, during and after a board of director meeting. This includes voting, decisions notes, risks, and agenda items for meetings. If you follow the right strategy you can ensure that your board meetings perform the purpose they were designed for: deciding on the best strategies for your company and defining how teams will implement those strategies.

Follow your schedule, and reduce the time you devote on reports. Limiting the number of executive presentations by limiting key executives to one or two agenda points will allow for a more detailed discussions on the most important strategic issues. It also gives the executives the chance to give their feedback directly to the board.

If a new topic is raised during the meeting, encourage board members to discuss it between sessions or outside of the boardroom. This will allow everyone to concentrate on the important questions and save time during the meeting. Distractions can easily take over the entire board meeting. This is especially true when they occur in the middle of a topic on the agenda. To avoid this, ask participants for topics that aren’t pertinent to the current discussion to be pushed into the «parking area.» Once the meeting has ended and the parking area is reviewed, go over the meeting and decide if it should be added to the following agenda or delegated.

Make use of software designed to deliver results and record and store information about the meeting. Choose a user-friendly interface and seamless integrations so that your attendees can easily join the meeting and remain focused.

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