How to Evaluate Board Software

Board portal software can make your meetings more efficient and productive, regardless of whether you’re using it to your board or for the entire organization. With a single, simple-to-use tool allows you to simplify and streamline agendas for board meetings and accurate meeting minutes, and more.

Consider the specific needs of your board. For instance, a major factor for boards that adopt online tools for board management is security. Board documents that are shared via email or with free editions of software such as Dropbox could be a major risk for data security breaches and unauthorised access. Board members and corporate secrecy seek efficiency gains through a more convenient and secure method of managing and sharing information.

SelectHub Board Satisfaction Rate is an excellent tool for evaluating the features of different solutions. This tool gives an average score based upon reviews from reputable review sites for software. You can also establish an entire board of directors including chairs and administrators to review existing or well-known solutions. To maximize the net benefit, the evaluation process should include the entire cycle of board meetings.

Check for essential functionality such as agenda and planning tools as well as document management, which includes the ability to store unlimited space for meeting documents and corporate documents, boardbook templates including eSignatures and discussion and chat features, and 1-to-1 communication channels. It is also important to determine if the software integrates with top calendar applications and other third-party software that can streamline meeting scheduling collaboration, document management and follow-up.

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