Improving Board Management Efficiency

A board that is highly efficient can make the difference between success and failure for a business. It also provides a stable and safe environment for the people it serves. However, inefficient internal processes and the lack of a clear line between management and board members could lead to dysfunctional boards, which can have a negative impact on the organization and its people.

The process of improving the efficiency of board management begins by ensuring that the board has the information they require to make informed decisions. This means ensuring that all directors have access timely and relevant information, and that the information is simple to comprehend. It is also important to establish a system that allows for a variety of opinion and knowledge and a well-organized committee structure and management.

Board management software allows directors to access the materials they require for meetings from one central location, removing the need to look through boards’ physical packs or browse through emails. It allows for the recording and analysis of meeting minutes as well as the management of action items throughout the meeting process.

The adoption of digital technology is a crucial step towards improving efficiency of management of boards. Evaluate your current board solution (even even if you’re using desktop software) and determine your pain areas using a framework such as the «needs by meeting stage» above. You can test the new software before making the decision to implement it, to ensure that it will be smooth and efficient for all participants in the board cycle.

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