Is 360 Security Legit?

While you’re surfing the web or downloading files, 360 security will be there to ensure that nothing nefarious lurks. It can prevent access to potentially dangerous websites and scan your browser history, monitor the amount of data you’re consuming and even locate your phone missing.

The suite comes with firewalls and a data shredder, as well as tools to clean your system on a scheduled basis. It updates drivers automatically, includes anti-tracking functions, and gives you privileged access to technical support with just one click.

The interface of the program is easy and easy to use, even though there are many options and settings. Most of the functions are controlled using a large switch or button, or checkmark. This is a great ergonomic standpoint. The software is free and accessible for both Windows and Mac.

The antivirus does a good job keeping your computer safe from malware. Its real-time protection is able to detect more than 99percent of threats, and it didn’t generate any false positives in my testing. It’s not as robust in quality of detection as the other top products when it comes to file scanning and heuristics.

360 Total Security offers a number of additional security and maintenance features that include the VPN that is only available in the premium version. Its heuristic algorithm is able to detect malware by examining the behavior of a program, which is very useful, particularly in the event that the threat hasn’t yet been formally identified. The program also comes with Cleanup utility and other tools to tune-up that can help improve PC performance.

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