Board Portal Software

Software for board portals provides an easy and secure way to store, share and manage critical information. It is able to handle all aspects of meeting administration, from agenda creation and sharing through to document distribution and voting in real-time. Board portals can also facilitate easy collaborative and flexible work that is accessible via any device.

A top board portal provides directors with secure, quick access to relevant information. It also lets directors to spend more time in meaningful discussions and deliberations. This means less time is spent on non-essential tasks such as reading books for the board or searching email threads to locate important information.

A top-quality portal will offer the tools needed to aid boards in practicing better governance with less time, such as the complete board book prep function that makes it easy for board members to prepare digital board documents in minutes, and reuse templates from previous meetings. In addition, a generation 3 portal makes it easier for board members to continue their work between meetings, with actions items being tracked and approved directly in the portal, and draft minutes of meetings automatically linked to relevant documents.

The selection of the best board portal for your company requires careful consideration and analysis of all available options. We recommend engaging key stakeholders (board administrators, IT staff and board members) early in the process so that you can understand their concerns and needs. Then, you can communicate an outline of the possible benefits of boards portals to aid in your organisation’s governance processes and ensure that everyone is on board for the initiative. In addition, a quality board portal should offer an user-friendly interface that is easy access and use by users with varying capabilities in technology.

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