Running a Successful Board Meeting

A successful board meeting is based on the right strategy and a responsible follow-up. The more board members feel respected for their time and knowledge and will participate in the discussion.

Start your meeting on time so that you keep everyone on track.

Consider setting up a consent agenda which can cut down on wasted meeting time by incorporating reports and documents that everyone was tasked to review prior to the meeting. It will be less time-consuming to spend precious meeting time explaining these items.

Encourage board members to participate in a variety of ways regardless of whether their views do not agree. Boards are strongest when there is a diversity of views on any issue which is why they come up with innovative solutions that can be profitable for the business.

Every board meeting should have clear goals and a top priority for effective planning. This ensures that the board is following a a solid plan to achieve its goals and take care of any risk that might arise.

Plan a meeting with directors before the board meeting in order to discuss the major concerns of the meeting. This will help build trust and familiarity with directors and provide them with a a solid base on which to base their decisions. Additionally, you should consider using tools that allow you to get feedback from your board members after every meeting. This can be done through open-ended questions or a simple polling program. The more you can gather from your participants about the way they felt about their board meeting the more valuable information you’ll have for the next time.

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