The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

Remote work is increasing and companies must increase collaboration and teamwork. The most effective video calls and software for communication can’t compare to the intimacy of in-person meetings.

Virtual spaces that are immersive are extremely useful in this scenario. Virtual environments aren’t only meeting tools, they offer teams the opportunity to collaborate and communicate in a dynamic 3D environment. This is particularly useful for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require close collaboration.

Different types of virtual environments affect work productivity, creativity and teamwork in various ways, just as real-world environments do. This is why it’s crucial to choose the best one.

Here’s a look through some of the most effective virtual spaces for collaboration.

A virtual space that offers an individual office experience with a physical space for meetings and individual workspaces is a great solution for hybrid or remote teams. It offers a range of environments from outdoor settings to formal spaces that are ideal for meetings and presentations. For instance, Glue’s Clarity Island is a relaxing beach-side location that is perfect for workshops and team-building activities, while Mont Matiz is a calm hilltop location that is perfect for meetings and discussions.

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