What to Include and What Not to Include in Board Meeting Minutes

It doesn’t matter if your board uses a board portal, or if you use paper to record your minutes, it’s important that you take accurate and precise notes. This will help keep your organization up-to-date. To accomplish this, you must know what you need to include and what not to include.

If you are looking to record the votes of members, the minutes should reflect only votes for or against the decision, not the names of the people who made the motion and voted for it. This will protect the board against legal claims in the future. The exception to this rule is when there are votes on executive pay or financial transactions that involve board members are involved in these situations the names of the people who voted must be recorded along with the reasons for their vote.

Include any information that clarifies the board’s decision to make it clear in your meeting minutes. It could include comments from your lawyer or chairman but not their opinions or conclusions unless they are explicitly stated. Include any reports or presentations presented at the meeting. This allows your board to be aware of any pertinent news from different committees and offers insights for the entire team.

It is important to remember that the minutes of board meetings are an objective and unbiased record of the board’s decision making process. You should avoid recording personal opinions, disagreements, disagreements, political discussions or even idle chat. Concentrate on recording important decisions and facts while keeping the same neutral tone even the atmosphere is tense in the room.


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